Africa as a Platform is a tech conference that recognizes information and communications technology (ICT) innovators throughout the African continent using technology to confront Africa’s daring economic challenges.

Many innovators on the continent are using creativity, ambition and passion to transform the lives of communities and the continent at large. Recognizing these Innovators and how they are resiliently telling the new narrative of ‘Africa for Africans’ is what birthed Africa as a platform.

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Aaap Concept Paper

Technology is positioning in Africa to  emerge as a global economic and cultural centre in the 21st century. From healthcare to manufacturing, public utilities to finance services, adevertising to publishing, there is an increasing number of tech leaders, enterpreneurs and innovators that are creating social change and upending the structure of markets and industries across Africa.

event programme sessions

Panel discussions on key topics, e.g

One Billion Hungry: How can we use ICT to feed a continent